Writing Away in Breckenridge

IMG_20131027_094443_798Thank goodness for my dear friend Lita and her gorgeous Victorian mountain home.  This weekend my children’s writing critique group had the opportunity to escape from the pressures and demands of our everyday lives into the autumn heaven of Breckenridge, Colorado.

We’ve been refreshed not just by the crisp mountain air, but the time spent with our people – writers, dreamers, creators – brainstorming and building on ideas, helping each other through confusing scenarios, both in our real lives and in our literary endeavors, and sharing various insights and perspectives.

Best of all, we’ve had the opportunity to write, uninterrupted.  The creativity is flowing in our little palace…computers humming, books being devoured, revisions spread out this way and that.  We’re unstoppable!  Except of course for those moments when we succumb to the breathtaking, mind-clearing walks, or the luxury of sharing a cup of coffee, tea (or wine!) with friends who understand the dream in your heart.

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