“C” is for Children’s Books

I’m most passionate about writing for children.  I wish there were more hours in the day that I could dedicate solely to researching and writing for my favorite group of people.

I could not be more excited to attend the SCBWI (Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators) Letters and Lines Fall Conference this coming weekend so I can do just that.  I have been present at the annual conference for the past 3 years, but always as a spectator. I’ve been inspired and awestruck, taken copious notes, and filled notepads with ideas.  But I’ve mostly kept to myself.  I wasn’t sure I had anything to offer.

Move over self-conscious-former-writer-self.  Letters and Lines, here I come!  This year I’ll be equipped with 4 polished picture book manuscripts, looking forward to an appointment/critique with literary agent Karen Grencik, and signed up for a picture book intensive before the conference officially begins.  I’m staying the whole weekend, so even when I’m not taking part in sessions like “Writing with Illustrations in Mind,” “Minding Your Ps & Qs: A Picture Book Revision Workshop” and “Joys and Challenges of Writing Nonfiction,” I will have uninterrupted quiet time to write in my hotel room.  Heaven.

I will miss my family like crazy, but I think it’s good for everyone if Mommy feels fulfilled and rejuvenated.  My 3 little munchkins will always be my babies, but my favorite picture book manuscripts are like my babies too.  I’ve got enough love in my heart for all of them!

Here’s to a phenomenal weekend!

One response to ““C” is for Children’s Books

  1. I love every manuscript that has come my way, it is really exciting to know your work is getting out there and that you are the one getting it out there, so very proud!!

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